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We help private and public corporations with effective treasury cash management strategy including "best practice" treasury cash management, tax-efficient use and invesment of overseas cash. We work with pension plan sponsors to reduce the funding gap by enhancing the earning on their fixed income allocation and matching the liabilities with key person protection planning...

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Because higher return with no additional risk matters!


  • No mark to market risk
  • Work well in rising interest rate environment
  • It's tax efficient
  • Focus on liability side of balance sheet too


With our GALIP investment strategy

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The Top 5 Forces Changing Treasury Cash Management

Corporate treasury cash management is changing to take a much more strategic role in the business. What was once a straightforward ledgers-and-ink position is becoming more strategic and evolving with the changing nature of business, from multinational expansions to a heavier reliance on cloud computing services. Here are five of the top drivers that will change the role of corporate treasurers.
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BOLI Life Insurance: Capitalizing on the Inevitable!

Bank owned life insurance (BOLI) can be thought of as an investment vehicle that you wouldconsider if you were a bank president, CEO or some other similarly lofty position head. Just like term or whole life insurance policies for the average person interested in securing their future and the futures of their immediate family members, BOLI life insurance is intended to help protect the operational capacity of a bank in case one of its primary executives passes away. Of course, BOLI life insurance need not merely be a hedge against the death of an especially crucial employee; it can also be used to fund an employee’s benefit plan if finances are limited from the usual source for such things.
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Defined Benefit vs. Defined Contribution Plans

Employer pension programs come in different forms but can usually be categorized into defined contribution and defined benefit plans.
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3 Common Types of Executive Deferred Compensation Plans

One of the most important decisions that any successful business owner should makes is with regards to the types of executive deferred compensation plans he or she will put into place for company employees. In essence, a deferred compensation plan is a financial agreement that is usually established between employers and employees. An employee will agree to allow a portion of their salary withheld, or deferred, until a predetermined future date. These types of plans are an extremely valuable tool for accumulating wealth, planning for retirement, and making arrangements to pass your legacy along to the future generations of your family.
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The Ins-and-Outs of Deferred Compensation Plans

A deferred compensation plan is a unique type of ratified contract between you, the employer, and your employees; it states that it is ok to pay them later for work done now, in a sense. More accurately, you would be paying them a sizable portion of income earned now in the future, so that the money can be used as part of a compensation package, or one of these kinds of plans:
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