Enhance the Overall Return of Corporate Treasury Cash by “GALIP” Strategic Allocation Strategy.
Low Rates Have Led to Asymmetric Risk in Bonds. Find the “GALIP” to Supplement Your Fixed Income Portfolio.
Shorten the Pension Funding Gap With the New “GALIP” Alternative Fixed Income Asset Class.
Stretch Your Bank’s Tier 1 Dollars for an Additional 200+ Basis Points with “GALIP” & “HALIP” Assets.

Hedge Against Liabilities:

Through BeamaLife's Corporate Owned Life Insurance Strategies!

Finance your employee's benefit plan expenses while increasing your net income. For example, corporations that have substantial costs for medical, group life, and other basic insurance as well as qualified...

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Wealth For Executives:

Through Split Dollar Life Insurance Plans Using Corporate Dollars!

When it comes to executive compensation, the Split Dollar arrangement is a top choice because it helps your key executives to create a large financial legacy while at the same time the company...

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A Better Rate of Return:

On Banks' Tier 1 Capital, through Bank Owned Life Insurance Policies

Today almost 3800 banks own $140 billion in bank owned life insurance (BOLI) policies. In a specific sense, bank owned life insurance is an attractive permanent life insurance policy purchased for several..

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For Corporate Treasury Departments

Corporate treasury departments face a multitude of risks everyday such as: credit, currency, liquidity, interest rate, operational and opportunity cost. This low interest rate environment has caused asymmetric risk in their current fixed income portfolio therefore creating incessant pressure causing them to investigate possible alternative fixed income investments. The financial black swan from a few years back may have caused over-caution and a modifying their investment policy. As a result they may be holding onto an unnecessary large amount of cash reserves. The low return yielding large cash holding can create unwanted drag on the overall company earnings and an unnecessary burden on the corporate treasury portfolio.

We at BeamaLife recognized this challenge and created the “GALIP” based strategy that will help corporate treasury to manage some risks more efficiently and increase the overall returns of the cash portfolio. We are proud of our innovative solution and appreciate the reception of corporate treasury departments across the country.

For Banking Institutions

Banks have the ability to purchase investment grade life insurance portfolios under the current federal and state regulations to help offset the costs associated with employee benefits and key-person replacement. The favorable tax treatment of income generated from life insurance based asset provides banks an opportunity to earn a greater return than that offered by other permissible investments for banks’ Tier 1 capital. The additional earnings can ultimately be used to implement or enhance executive supplemental retirement benefits designed to attract, retain and reward key executives.

BeamaLife offers community and smaller-to-mid-sized regional banks an unbiased analysis of their life insurance based holdings and is in a unique position to assist with the implementation and/or ongoing post-sale assessment of risk management programs.

For Large Pension Plans

Large pension plans hold more than $7 trillion of assets and still have a significant funding gap. Plan sponsors of these large pension funds are continuously seeking for a panacea that will narrow the long term liability gap. Some have tried investing in a pig farm to national infrastructure to narrow the gap.

We have developed the “GALIP” based, non-exotic fixed income strategy that will assist pension plan sponsors to narrow the gap by matching the duration and risk frame work causing a significant and predictable reduction in long term liability gap.

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