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Understand & Utilize Charitable Lead Trust

Reduce current taxes and help charity & heirs.

A charitable lead trust is a powerful tool in gift and estate tax planning. Through it, you can transfer assets to loved ones at a significantly reduced tax liability and at the same time, provide a major support...

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Advantages of Charitable Remainder Trust

Save on taxes, get regular income and donate.

As time goes on, leaving a legacy to a favorite nonprofit – perhaps a health-focused or arts organization, an alma mater, or religious group – may become an integral part of your estate planning.

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How to Donate Big with Less Money?

Utilize life insurance for donation to your favorite charity.

Most wealthy individuals purchase life insurance to make sure their families are taken care of after they’re gone or as a key component to tax-advantaged estate planning.

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Charitable Planning

Charitable Planning

A Smart Tax Plan with A Noble Cause

Charitable giving is an integral part of many estate plans because it is one of the most effective ways to minimize estate taxes while protecting family assets. By setting up a tax-favored charitable plan, you can support causes you believe in, leave behind a shining legacy, and pass family values from generation to generation.

Through proper charitable planning, you can – depending on the investment – remove the asset from your taxable estate, ensure a substantial immediate tax deduction is given, and even guarantee benefit income protection. We can help you:

  • Plan and implement a charitable giving strategy to eliminate capital gains on appreciated assets.
  • Structure your plan for maximum tax advantages on your current income tax bill.
  • Select the best, tax-favored assets for gifting.

BeamaLife can work with you to build a philanthropic legacy as part of an integrated wealth transfer strategy. We can help you determine the best way to give to nonprofit organizations while minimizing tax issues that may impact your family’s future. Please complete the “no obligation” information request form or call (800) 554-7822 now.