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Last Will, Living Trust & Living Will

Understand why living trust is better choice.

Most successful individuals have at least a basic knowledge about a last will, a living will, and a living trust. Each is a crucial component in estate planning and each serves a distinct and important purpose.

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Learn How to Pay Only 20 Cents for Each Dollar

Use life insurance to pay for estate tax.

Life insurance has come quite a ways since the time it was synonymous with final expense coverage. Today it can be used to transfer assets, replace wealth lost to after-death expenses and taxes...

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Get the Comprehensive Estate Planning Checklist

Estate planning checklist that wealthy people uses.

Estate planning is an important and everlasting gift you can give your family, business partners, and those who will be most affected when you pass on. By following this estate planning..

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Not Only For Ultra Wealthy!

Estate planning, when done correctly, should first and foremost provide you with the peace of mind that you have done everything possible to protect your family's wealth for your next generation. Good estate planning will help you eliminate unnecessary probate costs, guardianship hearings and death taxes.

  • J.P Morgan lost almost 69% net worth due to Estate Taxes
  • John D. Rockerfeller lost almost 64% net worth due to Estate Taxes
  • Robert F. Kennedy lost almost 63% net worth due to Estate Taxes
  • Conrad N. Hilton lost almost 53% net worth due to Estate Taxes

If these rich-and-famous lost more than half their estate, imagine what percentage you could lose. Let’s help you plan and leave more for your loved ones, rather than giving it to Uncle Sam. All good estate planning starts with making sure that your property is legally owned in an appropriate way. In other words, regardless of what you may have heard or think, unless your property is correctly titled even the best estate plan will fail to distribute it properly. Please complete the “no obligation” consultation request form for your personalized estate planning strategies or call (800) 554-7822 now.